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Macintosh Client and a Windows Server

Transfer Files Between a Macintosh Client and a Windows Server.

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Note: This page outlines secure methods for transferring files between a Macintosh client and a Windows server. If you are transferring files between other systems, please see the Choose a File Transfer Protocol page to find the secure method that's right for your needs.
Recommended File Transfer Options
(Always encrypted)
FTP over SSL
(Always encrypted)
Microsoft File Sharing
Mac Client & Windows Server X

What is Microsoft File Sharing (SMB/CIFS)?

Warning: Do not use this option for confidential data.

Microsoft File Sharing (using the underlying SMB/CIFS protocol) is a software application that allows Windows or Macintosh and Unix computers to interact with each other. It creates a connection from the Win/Mac client to the server, allowing you to see directories on the server as if they were on the client computer.

Microsoft File Sharing (SMB/CIFS) is not encrypted over the network. For the transfer of confidential data, Microsoft File Sharing (SMB/CIFS) is not allowed. Policy 5.10, Information Security, classifies as confidential any of the following data elements when they appear in conjunction with an individual’s name or other identifier:

  • Social Security number
  • Credit card number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Bank account number
  • Protected health information, as defined by HIPAA

If you are unsure which protocol to use instead, send e-mail to The Systems Support group will work with you to find a secure solution.

Client Setup and File Transfer

For step-by-step instructions for transferring files using Microsoft File Sharing, see File Transfer Using Microsoft File Sharing.

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