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Set Your Name Preferences (Students)

Students (and former students in other roles at the university) can edit the way their name will appear in email messages and other campus systems.

This article applies to: Cornell Google Workspace for Students

In This Article

Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) users can change their display name (your name as seen by people to whom you send email). If you want to edit your display name, or if you are seeing an incorrect name and want to fix it, walk through the procedures listed below. Your name can be set in several places, so try each procedure in turn and check to see if that had the desired result. As soon as you get the name you want, stop; don't continue down the page.

Check Your Names in StudentCenter (Students only)

  1. Go to StudentCenter:
  2. Under Personal Information, click Names
  3. On the Preferred row, click edit.
  4. Edit the fields as desired.
  5. Click Save.

Check/Set FERPA Restrictions (Students only)

Explanation of FERPA

If you have not chosen to enable FERPA privacy restrictions, skip to the next section.

If FERPA privacy restrictions are in effect, the preferred name will be shown on email that is sent, but it cannot be looked up in the G Suite directory.

  1. Go to StudentCenter:
  2. Under Personal Information, from the dropdown list, select Privacy Settings, then click the double right-racing arrows icon.
  4. Set restrictions as desired.

Check Preferred Name in Workday (Staff only)

  1. Log into Workday:
  2. Click Personal Information.
  3. Under Change, click Preferred Name.
  4. Edit the fields to set your name as desired.
  5. Click Submit.

Check/Set "Send As" Settings

  1. Log into your Google Workspace account:
  2. Click the gear icon, then select Settings.
  3. Click Accounts and Import.
  4. In the Send mail as section, you will see one or more accounts listed. The first is probably your Google Workspace account. Click edit info next to it. An Edit email address dialog box will open.
  5. Next to Name, the first line will show your Google account preferred name. Select this if it is the name you want to use. If it is not the name you want to use, select the second radio button, then enter your desired name.
  6. Click Save Changes.


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