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Set Your Photo (Office 365)

This article applies to: Email @ Cornell , Office 365 Productivity Bundle

You can associate the photo (or image) of your choice with your Office 365 account. This image will appear in Outlook and Skype. Here we describe how to change your photo.

  1. In your browser, open Outlook on the web
  2. Sign in using your address and password.
  3. At the upper-right, click the icon of your picture or initials. A Cornell University window will open to display your name, email address, and a larger icon.
  4. Click the newly displayed icon of your picture or initials (Add or change your picture). A Change your photo window will open.
  5. Click Upload a new photo.
  6. Find the desired photo in your files and select it, then click Open. The chosen file will now be viewable as your icon. Adjust the zoom on this image with the -/+ slider below the image as needed.
  7. Click Apply. The file will upload.
  8. Click Done.
The uploaded photo must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format. Sometimes Outlook will reject a file even if it's in one of these formats. Try saving the photo to one of the other preferred formats, and uploading again.


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