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Google Drive In the current application, from the File menu, select Save As . Click This PC , then select drive G . Name your file, then click Save . OneDrive You will get the best performance if you work with files from your Temporary Drive or Temporary Files...Read more

Follow this procedure when you no longer want AppStream to have permission to access your Google Drive account, for example, when you no longer have any classes using AppStream.

This will not affect or delete any files stored in your Google Drive. It only removes AppStream's access to...Read more

In the AppStream navigation bar , click Launch app (the four-squares icon). The list of applications available in your stream will be displayed. Click the desired app to launch it.

Any currently-running apps will remain open. Click Switch windows (the overlapping rectangles icon in the...Read more

In the AppStream navigation bar, on the right, click the User icon, then select End session .

Disconnected sessions (closing the web browser) and idle sessions (no keyboard / mouse activity) will stay active for 60...Read more

If, when signing in, you see a message that "No streaming resources are available for your session," it most likely means that at the time you tried to sign in, all available AppStream sessions were currently in use by other users.

Apps on Demand will be aware of your attempt...Read more

While using Apps on Demand, you'll see the Amazon AppStream Navigation Bar between your browser header and your applications.

Launch app - You can have multiple applications running at the same time. Select an application from the list displayed here. Your current application(...Read more