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If, when signing in to Apps on Demand, you are asked to "Select a role," it probably means you have multiple sets of permissions in the service. Select whichever option matches the class you selected on the IT@Cornell Application Portal (in step one of the...Read more

If, when signing in to Apps on Demand, you see a message that says "Your request included an invalid SAML response," it means you are not included in the group authorized for access to this class's stream.

Ask your professor or TA to contact more

Follow this procedure when you no longer want AppStream to have permission to access your OneDrive account, for example, when you no longer have any classes using AppStream.

This will not affect or delete any files stored in your OneDrive. It only removes AppStream's access to them....Read more

You will need to do this only once.

We assume you have signed in to Apps on Demand and opened at least one app.

In the AppStream navigation bar, click My Files (the open folder icon).

A My Files dialog box will open.
Click Add Storage .

Click...Read more