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You can add many members to a list by importing a simple spreadsheet. This article covers the ways to prepare your list of names (exporting from another list or creating the spreadsheet from scratch), and then how to import that document into the desired Lyris e-list.

Prepare by Creating a...Read more

One of the ways you can configure your Lyris -based list determines who is allowed to join. There are three options:

open - anyone can join (no approval needed) private - administrator must approve new members closed - only an...Read more

OneDrive, part of your Cornell faculty, student, or staff Microsoft account, provides cloud storage for all your important documents, connected with the Microsoft apps many of us use every day. Your files are protected from the risk of damage to your devices, and they’re available anytime...Read more

Voice & Data Rates Catalog The funding model for Voice & Data has recently changed . Beginning in FY22, basic service for both Voice & Data are considered common utilities and are therefore covered by the Cost Allocation Model (CAM). As a result, v oice and data...Read more