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Captions in Video on Demand (Recommended Method)

How to add machine generated captions using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in Video on Demand.  This method can generate captions in 10-20 minutes, but may require an hour or longer depending on service load. You can also use the shortcut method.

This article applies to: Video on Demand

  1. Log in to Video On Demand.
  2. Go to My Media.
    Picture of Video On Demand interface with My Media highlighted
  3. In your My Media list, find the video you wish to have captioned and click on the video title or thumbnail to go to the media page for that video.
    Picture of My Media page with a video file highlighted
  4. Go to the Actions drop-down menu to the bottom right of the video and select Order Captions from the drop-down list.
    Picture of Actions menu with Order Captions highlighted
  5. Once you select this, an Order Captions button will appear.  Simply click this button to finish requesting captions.  When you click the button a pop-up window should appear confirming that your captioning request has been received.
    ​​Picture of the Order Captions button
  6. Select OK in the confirmation window.  The speed of the machine ASR captioning depends primarily on the current load being experienced by the captioning service.  During periods of light load, machine captioning, even for videos of an hour or two, usually requires no more than 10 to 20 minutes to complete.  During periods of high load on the captioning service, it may take several hours for captions to be completed.
    Picture of caption request received confirmation window

Once completed, captions will automatically be added to the video.  Refresh the page with the video (after captions have completed) to see the captions. The machine ASR system will also auto-populate the video with AI-generated tags based on the caption content.  Users can edit these tags as normal.  Click the Edit button for the video to go to the Edit page to remove tags you don’t want.
Picture of Video Tags with Edit button shown

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) captions are rated at 70-80% accuracy.  This will vary depending on the audio quality of the recording, clarity, and understandability of any speaker(s). Users can edit the machine ASR captions to correct any errors or inaccuracies.

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