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Video Accessibility and Captioning

Video Accessibility and Captioning

Provide accessibility to users with captioning and transcriptions

Creators and providers of video content should take measures to make all media accessible. Several services are available to help with this.

Human Captioning (with 3Play Media)

Human captioning is a for-fee service that provides higher quality captions for groups or departments with large or ongoing human captioning needs (rather than single users). Vendor integration with Cornell’s Video Hosting and Sharing / Video on Demand service is available with 3Play Media.

Captioning and Transcription (Zoom features)

Zoom provides live closed captioning and transcription features during web conferencing sessions. For details, visit:

Video Hosting and Sharing Platform Features

The Video Sharing and Hosting / Video on Demand (VOD) service automatically adds no-cost machine-based ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) to all uploaded content. Content owners should be aware that machine-based captions usually fall short of the accuracy necessary for accessibility, so manual editing may be necessary. VOD also allows uploading of prepared captions and editing of existing captions.

For details, visit:

All Third-Party Captioning and Transcription Service Vendors

The university has contracted with additional third-party vendors who can accommodate Cornell requirements for data privacy and security, insurance, indemnification, web accessibility, and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Hiring vendors who are on this list does not require a IT Statement of Need or an IT professional services agreement.

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