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Remember Me for 24 Hours in Two-Step Login

How to use Remember me for 24 Hours to reduce the number of times Two-Step Login prompts you to authenticate

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

Remember a Device for 24 Hours

To avoid being prompted by Two-Step Login multiple times a day, select the checkbox next to Remember me for 24 hours during login. Two-Step Login won't prompt you again for most campus services for the next 24 hours.

Picture of Two-Step authentication prompt with Remember me for 24 Hours circled

  • If you enabled automatic authentication, you will need to first select Cancel at the bottom right of the authentication prompt before you can select the Remember me for 24 hours checkbox.
    Picture of Two-Step authentication prompt with Automatic Authentication. First select Cancel, then select Remember me for 24 Hours

Remember me for 24 hours depends on what your web browser will view as a third-party cookie. Your browser may be configured to block such cookies. Duo provides instructions to allow the Remember Me cookie. Duo's solution for current versions of Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge removes some of the browser's privacy and security protections, making it easier for advertisers to track you and attackers to exploit known security flaws.

Limitations on Remember Me for 24 hours

  • Remember Me won't carry over between different computers.

  • It won't carry over when you switch web browsers, like changing from Chrome to Firefox.

  • It isn't available for all services.
  • Due to some technical limitations, it may not carry over between different services.

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