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Use Two-Step Login when you Travel Outside the US

How to use Two-Step login when outside the United States

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

You can use Two-Step Login when you travel internationally to countries other than those listed below. 

All of the authentication methods will still work, although some destinations might not support telephony-based services, such as phone callbacks or retrieving a set of passcodes via SMS. 

Even if there is no cell or data service available for your smartphone, you can still use a hardware token to generate a passcode.

For detailed instructions on using passcodes for Two-Step Login, see Use a hardware token for Two-Step Login instead of a phone.

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling to Cuba, Iran, Crimea, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan, you must delete the Duo Mobile app from any devices you take with you. Also, you cannot take a Duo hardware token with you. 

Both Duo Mobile and the hardware tokens use cryptographic technology that is subject to Federal export control regulations. While in one of these embargoed countries, use a phone call or passcodes retrieved via SMS to authenticate with Two-Step Login.

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