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E-list Ownership and Administration (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

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E-List Ownership vs. Administration

First, a couple of technical terms, as used by CIT and Lyris.

  • List Owner is the person ultimately responsible for all aspects of the operation of the e-list, and is the liaison between the e-list and CIT. A list’s owner is also a list administrator, and may delegate some of the administrative activities to other people.
  • List Administrator is a person who has been granted administrative access to the list by the list owner to assist in the operation of the list.

Responsible operation of a list includes these tasks, performed by owners and/or administrators:

  • Monitoring and resolving errors generated by the list (see Maintain Your E-list).
  • Providing all technical assistance to the list's subscribers.
  • Working with subscribers to resolve all non-technical issues, including the contents of the list, and who should and should not be permitted to subscribe.
  • Responding in a timely manner to communications from the CIT e-list administrative team (

In addition, the List Owner is solely responsible for these additional duties:

  • Attending to ownership changes.
  • Responding to the annual list renewal process each spring.
  • Upon retiring from ownership, explicitly passing ownership to someone else or shutting down the list.

Which E-Lists Am I an Admin of?

You can get a report of which e-lists your email address is an admin of by sending email (subject and body do not matter) to the following addresses:


The emails that comes back will include the names of the e-lists that that "from" address is an administrator of. It's not possible for one email address to look up which e-lists another email address administers. Since almost all e-lists are hosted on the first address is usually the only one you need to check.

This may show e-lists that you don't see in the web interface when you log in with that email address. To have that e-list show, reset your Lyris password for that e-list server.

Which E-Lists Am I an Owner of?

You can get a report of which e-lists a Cornell NetID is an owner of by entering the netid in the Cornell E-Lists owned by request form. Anyone with a Cornell NetID can use this tool to look up the e-lists owned by another NetID. This will also report which server each e-list is on.


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