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G Suite Privacy

How can Cornell safeguard privacy if the email service is provided by Google?

Cornell's commitment to privacy has not changed as a consequence of offering G Suite. 

As with all decisions that Cornell makes regarding information technologies, privacy and security are key elements. In addition, Cornell remains committed to freedom of expression. The Office of University Counsel managed the contract negotiations with Google to ensure that Google meets the university's expectations for freedom of speech, privacy, and security.

The process used to select G Suite included a review of Google's privacy and security practices. Google provided satisfactory responses to the university's detailed inquiries and requirements about those aspects of their respective services.

Among those areas of concern were requirements that the vendor would not have any rights to access user content stored in emails or files in personal web space, or contained as part of any productivity applications. Google agreed to Cornell's requirements in the context of its privacy policy.

For a partial comparison, see Cornell's email stewardship policy.

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