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Electronic Signature

Collect signatures electronically

The Electronic Signature service, using Adobe Sign, gives you the ability to send documents and collect signatures electronically for approval. Adobe Sign works within your existing systems and processes, and the e-signatures are secure and legal. You can also digitize existing signing processes, such as applications, enrollments, or other form-based documents.

A unit must enroll in the Electronic Signature service and designate an Electronic Signature Admin before anyone in that unit can use the service as a Sender. Please see the Info for E-signature Admins article for descriptions of the things admins need to keep in mind before setting up the service.
An issue resulting from changes to Adobe's integration with Box is preventing users of the Adobe Sign from being able to authenticate using Cornell Single Sign-On (SSO). This is preventing users from being able to use the integration. Users who have documents in Box that they need to have signed can manually send them directly from Adobe Sign, specifying Box as the source in the file chooser. Be aware that this workaround will not save the signed document back to Box when complete. A copy can be downloaded using Manage page in Adobe Sign. Adobe and Cornell staff are working to develop a fix for this issue.

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