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E-signature Roles

This article applies to: Electronic Signature

Three groups of people are involved in the e-signature process.

Senders: send forms in order to collect signatures and other information. Many senders also create forms and/or manage the signed documents. Adobe sometimes calls these people "users," but we're calling them senders to distinguish them from the other roles. They need to have a license (assigned to them by their unit's "admin").

Signers: only need to follow the directions on how to sign an electronic form. They can be Cornell or external. They do not need a license.

Admins: designated person in each unit who assigns licenses, maintains groups within their unit, and provides primary technical support for their unit. A unit must enroll in the Electronic Signature service and designate an Electronic Signature Admin before anyone in that unit can use the service as a Sender. Please see the Info for E-signature Admins article for descriptions of the things admins need to keep in mind. (Only people who create and send forms for signature need licenses. People who sign documents do not need licenses.)

Nearly all the information about this service is concerned with Senders. We'll try to be clear about that.

Enrolling in Two-Step Login (Cornell's two-factor authentication service) is required in order to use the electronic signature service. 


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