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Log In to the E-signature Service

This article applies to: Electronic Signature

Once you have your license, you can log in to Cornell's E-signature service. 

  1. Go to the Adobe Sign Sign In page.
  2. In the Sign In window, enter your email address, then click Continue. Do not use the Apple/Google/Facebook options. You MUST use your email address to sign in, even if you normally use an email alias such as
  3. You may see a Select an Account window. If you do, chose Company or School Account
  4. You will see a standard Cornell University CUWebLogin window. Enter your Cornell NetID and password, then click Login.
  5. You will see the standard Cornell University Two-Step Login window. Verify your account with your two-step authentication method of choice.

If you follow any links from other Adobe products about sending a document for signature, you will end up at Adobe's public login page. As soon as you enter an email address ending in, a button will appear that says Sign in with your Cornell NetID and password. Click Sign In to be taken to the CUWebLogin page.

Do not sign in with an Adobe ID, even if you have one. Your Adobe ID account won't be entitled to use Cornell's Document Cloud license.


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