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IT Professionals

Salesforce delivers new functionality during three seasonal releases each year: Spring, Summer, and Winter. Users will be notified when the exact date of a seasonal release is known, and whenever a service outage is expected.

CIT releases new custom functionality and non-critical fixes...Read more

The Campus Engagement Platform is based on Salesforce, which has the following requirements.

Browsers Google Chrome (Latest) Mozilla Firefox (Latest) Apple Safari (11.x+) Microsoft Edge (Latest) Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

Some pages in Salesforce will open a new window by...Read more

Sometimes we get reports that email sent from addresses to external addresses (or forwarded from a Cornell address to an external address) is being rejected or having delivery refused. At various times this has happened when sending to Spectrum/Time Warner, to AOL...Read more

What is Creative Cloud All Apps Plan?

Creative Cloud is Adobe's suite of creative software, which includes the latest versions of products like Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere. The Creative Cloud suite replaces Adobe's older Creative Suite product line. Unlike the...Read more