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IT Professionals

User Experience

If you are using your work computer on your home network, you may find that Code42 is using too much of your network's resources (slow performance, near-constant backup activity, etc.).


Please contact your local department or unit's IT support folks. Each...Read more

By February 7, 2020, the project to decommission will have removed access for all Cornell mail accounts that connected fewer than 200 times between January 15 and 27.Read more

Scheduling@Cornell is an academic and event scheduling application with a modern, intuitive interface that supports students, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways:

One-stop university academic and event scheduling system to request locations on campus. Event Schedulers can access...Read more

Google Drive vs. OneDrive

If you already prefer one over the other, use that. Within Apps on Demand, here's the difference:

OneDrive : you set up access only once, but you will need to move your files to and from a temporary location during...Read more

User Experience

A few users have reported getting an error when re-installing Box Drive on Windows 10.

Solution Open Internet Explorer. Click the gear icon in the toolbar, then select Compatibility View settings...Read more