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Edit Captions in Video on Demand

How to edit video captions that were created using Video On Demand's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) feature.

This article applies to: Video on Demand

Accessibility Requirements

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) captions are rated at 70-80% accuracy. This varies depending on the audio quality of the recording, the clarity of the speaker(s), and the amount of technical terminology used. Given these variables, ASR captions will not, by themselves, meet the accessibility standards Cornell seeks to achieve.

Video owners are responsible for editing the ASR captions to meet the WCAG AA accessibility requirement for caption accuracy.  

If you need help, human captioning is available for a fee. 

Video: How to Edit Captions with the In-Line Editing Tool

Instructional Video: How to use the In-Line Caption Editing Tool

In-Line Caption Editing Tool

If you edit your video, you will not be able to use the In-Line Caption Editor. Offline editing will still work.

The Kaltura captioning feature includes an in-line captions editing tool. This feature will let you edit your captions directly in Video on Demand. You must be online and logged in to Video On Demand while editing your captions.

  1. Log in to Video On Demand.
  2. Select My Media.
  3. Select the video title or thumbnail.

    My Media page with video thumbnail and video title highlighted
  4. From the video’s page, go to the Actions drop-down menu to the bottom right of the video.
  5. Select Caption Requests from the drop-down list.

    Actions menu with Caption Requests highlighted
  6. Video on Demand will display a list of caption files (usually one) attached to your video. If no captions are listed, select Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media.
     CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media” link and Edit highlighted
  7. Select Edit for the caption file you want to change. This will open a new tab or window showing the in-line caption editing interface.In-line captions editor with Save and Approve highlighted
  8. From the in-line captioning vendor’s editing tool, you can correct inaccuracies and make other changes to the captions. Select Save at the bottom. This will let you come back later and pick up where you left off. Review your final changes and watch the playback in the editor.
  9. Select Approve to publish your modified captions file to your video. It may take a few minutes for your video to update with the approved captions.  You may need to refresh any web pages that contain the video in order for the new captions to appear.
Saving does not apply your changes to your video.  You must select Approve to publish the modified captions to your video.

Edit Captions File Offline

This feature allows you to download, edit your captions file offline, and then upload your revised file to Video on Demand. 

  1. Go to the Edit page for the video and select the Captions tab.
    Video Edit menu with Captions selected
  2. Select the download icon to obtain a local copy of the captions. Then use a text editor to open and modify.

    Captions page with download icon highlighted
Those who would like a transcript of their finalized video can open the downloaded captions file (.srt) in a text editor, copy the text to a word processor, and use that as a base for a transcript.
  1. Once you have completed any edits, save .srt file in your text editor, then use the Upload captions file button to upload the revised copy.

    Recommended: Confirm that the newly upload captions file is set as the default. Optional: Delete the old captions file from your media.

    Captions page with Upload Captions file highlighted

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