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Starting Thursday, October 26, 2023, users of Cornell's CUView digital signage service, Appspace, will sign in using Microsoft Azure login instead of the previous
Log In Using a Security Key (USB Device) Supported browsers include Chrome 70 or later, Firefox 60 or later, Safari 13 or later, or Microsoft Edge 79 or later.
Log In Using the Duo Mobile App Duo Push works with Duo Mobile, an app you install and activate on your smartphone or tablet. You can download Duo Mobile from your device’s app store.
Log In Open a web browser and navigate to Video on Demand for Cornell University Select Guest in the upper right corner of the window. Select Login. Sign in with your Cornell NetID and password.
Forgotten Password? NetID If you know your NetID but cannot remember your password, follow the steps for requesting a replacement password in the information about NetIDs web page. GuestID To change your GuestID password, or to recover your password should you lose it, go to the following URL…
Most CIT-affiliated websites that require authentication support the use of CUWebLogin. Websites maintained by other departments frequently do, but it is possible that you may have to authenticate in another way. If you have questions about how to sign in to a website that is not maintained by CIT…
(For information about what phishing is, see How to Guard Against Internet Fraud.)
Log in with a NetID
About the Universal Prompt With the new Duo Universal Prompt, you can expect a new, streamlined authentication experience.
In order to sign in to Equidox at Cornell, you must use Cornell’s Single Sign On. Depending on what services you’ve already signed into today, you may not see all the steps listed below.
User Experience My USB security key does not work for Two-Step Login in the Firefox browser.
User Experience When you use your U2F security key, you see the following message:
CUWebLogin allows you to access restricted web pages.

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