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My Security Key Does Not Work with Firefox for Two-Step Login

What to do if your Two-Step Login USB security key does not work in the Firefox browser.

This article applies to: Two-Step Login

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My USB security key does not work for Two-Step Login in the Firefox browser.


When you authenticate in Firefox, you must explicitly select your security key from the drop-down list of enrolled devices. A security key that was enrolled in Chrome prior to June 4, 2019 is enrolled only as a U2F device, and cannot be used in Firefox until it is also enrolled as a WebAuthn device.

What to Do

Select Your Security Key in Firefox

When using Firefox, you must select your security key from the Device drop-down list.

Two-Step Login authentication prompt with security key selected from the Device drop-down list

Re-enroll Your Security Key to Work With Firefox

If your security key does not appear in the Device drop-down list, re-enroll your security key. To do so:

  1. Go to Manage Your Two-Step Login.
  2. Delete the key's current enrollment, which probably appears as "Security Key (U2F)" in your list of devices.

  3. Follow the steps to Add a New Device. This will allow your security key to use WebAuthn and work with Firefox.

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