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Change Your NetID Password

This article applies to: NetIDs , Security & Policy

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About Changing Your NetID Password

When changing your NetID password, keep in mind:

  • It CANNOT be the same as any NetID password you have used in the past.
  • It should not be similar to the old password.
  • It should not be the same as or similar to any passwords you use for other purposes, such as online banking or shopping.
  • It should be easy for you to remember and difficult for other people to guess. Follow the guidelines at Strong Passwords for Your Computer, NetID, and Other Cornell Services.  
  • When you follow the steps below to change your password, you will see the exact requirements for password length, complexity, etc.
About syncing a Cornell-managed device's sign-in password with your NetID password:
  • On Cornell-managed Windows devices, if you connect to CU VPN before changing your NetID password, your device password should automatically sync with your NetID password.
  • On Cornell CIT Service Group managed Mac devices, if JAMF Connect is installed, the Mac sign-in password should automatically sync with your new NetID password.
  • On older Mac devices that do not have JAMF Connect, or if your device has not synced your sign-in password with your NetID password as you expected, you may need to contact your college or unit's IT support for assistance syncing the sign-in password with your new NetID password.

Change your NetID Password

To change your password:

  1. At the Manage Your NetID page, click Change your Password.
  2. Log in with your NetID and password. If you are enrolled in Two-Step Login, you may need to authenticate.
  3. On the Choose a New Password for Your NetID page, type your Current Password, then type your New Password twice.   

    Below this dialog is a summary of the password rules, with links for further help and information. For more about strong passwords, visit Strong Passwords for Your Computer, NetID, or Other Cornell Services.

  4. Click Submit. A message will tell you whether your password change was successful. If not, the message will explain what's wrong and you can retry changing your password.

Set a Recovery Email Address

The option to set a recovery email address replaces the previous, less-secure security questions process. 

To set up a secure, non-Cornell email address where you can receive an email that contains a special link to reset your NetID password when you have lost or forgotten it, go to Manage Your NetID and click Set your Security Questions. For additional details, visit Set a NetID Recovery Email Address.

After you set a recovery email address, you can only use that method to reset a password going forward, instead of any security questions you may have set in the past.

Unable to change your password?

Visit I Have a Problem with My Password. What Should I Do?


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