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Using a Physical Desk Phone with RingCentral

This article applies to: RingCentral

If you choose to have a desk set, you can make your calls through that, your computer, or a mobile device. Use whatever works best for your circumstances.

The keypad of a Polycom desk phone used with RingCentral can be used to direct and manage calls. You can use traditional features like Call Hold, Call Transfer, and Send to Voicemail, along with RingCentral features such as Flip, Park, and Call Record. These desk phones also have dedicated buttons for Hold, Transfer, Mute, and Speaker Phone.

You can also adjust many setting via your phone keypad by dialing through the desk phone itself, or by calling your number from another phone. You will need your PIN.

Below are links to vendor documentation on how to perform these operations.

If you do not know your PIN, you can change it via the Web Portal. PIN codes can also be changed by contacting Request Fulfillment at 607 254-6271 or

Checking Voicemail

Transferring Calls

Parking and Retrieving Parked Calls

Changing Voicemail Greetings

Changing Your PIN

PIN requirements

Cheat Sheet of Keypad Codes

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