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Set How Your Calls Are Handled

You can configure RingCentral to direct your calls to different numbers sequentially or have multiple phones ring at the same time. You can also use different setting for "work hours" and other hours.

This article applies to: RingCentral

The procedure describes how to set call handling through the RingCentral web portal.

Set Number Order

  1. Log into your RingCentral online account.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Call Handling & Forwarding.
  4. Select Sequentially or Simultaneously.
    With Simultaneously, the app (which is labeled Smart Phone) will still ring first, then all the other numbers you've listed with ring together. To make everything ring at the same time, set the app to zero rings.
  5. Add phone numbers. Work, Home, and Mobile each already have a row ready for you to fill out. To add additional numbers, click Add Call Forwarding Phone. You'll see a new row that you can label as you like.
  6. Once you have entered a row's phone number, you'll be able to toggle Active and re-order the rows using the eight-dot icon in the leftmost column. The app (which is labeled Smart Phone) will always be listed first, but you have the choice of setting it to inactive if you don't want it to ring at all.
  7. If you have chosen Sequentially, use the Ring For column to set how long each phone should ring before switching to the next phone listed.
    Remember that most people abandon their attempt to call you if they hear more than about 6 rings, so multiple forwarding has diminishing returns.

If no phones are answered, Ring Central will play your "I'm not here" message and record voicemail from the caller. If "Smart Phone" (that is, RingCentral) is active in your call sequence, your voicemail will be recorded and stored in RingCentral, not on your cell phone or any other device you forwarded to.

Set User Hours

By default, the call order you set (see above) is applied all the time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Setting User Hours for the First Time

  1. Click After Hours. A User Hours window will open with the choices 24 hours/7 days a week and Custom hours.
  2. Click Custom hours.
  3. Use the day toggles and dropdown lists to specify your "work" hours.
    Use the Copy to Weekdays or Copy to All Days dropdowns to quickly set hours that apply to multiple days.
  4. Click Save when finished. You'll be returned to the After Hours tab.
  5. Use the dropdown list to select how you want after-hours calls handled.
    • You can choose to go directly to voicemail.
    • You can create a separate announcement which will play then disconnect with no voicemail option.
    • You can forward to a single phone number.
    • You can set up a forwarding path. This will default to the same as your work-hours path.
      You can edit your after-hours forwarding path using the same steps as listed in Set Number Order above; changes made here will NOT affect your work-hours path.

Changing Your User Hours

If you have already specified user hours and want to make changes, click Overview near the top of the screen, then After Hours Settings.

The User Hours window will open. See steps 3-5 in Setting User Hours above.

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