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Two-Step Login with RingCentral

Things to know about Two-Step (DUO) authentication with RingCentral

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Audio Prompt When Using "Call Me" Method

When you use a RingCentral telephone number as a two-step authentication (DUO) source, you may not be able to hear the audio prompt (“To Authenticate this login press X,” where X is the keypad number to confirm the request).

There are two other ways to know which number to press. 

  • The last digit of the Caller ID of the incoming phone call is the number to press. For example, 607-253-5555 means press 5). 
  • Once you answer the call from two-step, the number to press is displayed at the bottom of the Two-Step Login prompt on your computer or device (not on your phone).
    prompt on two-step login screen reads "Answered: Press 5 on your phone to log in."

Don't Use Your RingCentral Phone as Your Only Means of Authenticating

Because RingCentral logins are themselves subject to two-step authentication, CIT recommends that you do not use your phone number as your only source of authentication.

Many people find that setting their Automatic Authentication method to Duo Push (your iOS or Android device prompts you to approve your login) to be most convenient.

If you are unable to use RingCentral to authenticate - for example, you do not have a smart phone - the IT Service Desk can generate of list of one-time passcodes you can use.

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