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OneDrive in Your Browser

This article applies to: Microsoft Document Storage , OneDrive

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One of the easiest ways to see and interact with your OneDrive storage is to direct a web browser to

Once you're there (you may need to sign in with your Cornell NetID and password), you'll see a list of any content you have there, or if it's empty, an icon and text indicating you can drag files there. 

When getting familiar with OneDrive, many of the options you'll want to try first are in the upper left.

Navigating Your OneDrive File Space

At the top of the left-hand menu, under your name, you'll see My files, the main screen you arrive at when you sign into OneDrive. Below it, you'll see an option for Recent files, then Shared.

Shared becomes useful after you've started sharing files from OneDrive, or files have been shared to you. If you go to Shared files, you'll see two options in the menu above the file list, Shared with you and Shared by you.

  • Reviewing Shared with you regularly will help you keep your OneDrive in order by removing yourself from content that you no longer need to collaborate on.
  • Reviewing Shared by you regularly will help you make sure your files have the level of privacy you expect.

Further down is Quick access. This may contain file areas from Microsoft Teams sites or SharePoint sites you're a member of. 

Creating and Uploading Content in OneDrive

In addition to dragging files or folders from your computer desktop, you can also use a menu in OneDrive to upload them, or create files or folders directly in OneDrive.

To create a new folder or document, go to the My files section, then from the menu above your file list, click New. From the list that appears, you can choose to make a folder to help keep your file section organized, or you can create a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other type of Microsoft Office document. The document will be created within whichever folder you're currently inside under My files. 

Does much of your work occur in Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint? If you create and use documents in Office 365 cloud storage like OneDrive, they will automatically be available in Office applications across all your devices.


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