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Change Patch Times

This article applies to: Managed Servers

You can see and change the patch times for servers assigned to each Area Manager. Only the Area Manager and technical contacts can change the patch time. 

If you are not the area manager or technical contact for a server and want to change the patch schedule, send e-mail to
  1. For Windows servers, go to this page: For Unix servers, go to this page:
  2. Choose a different patch time. For Windows servers, select a Slot. For Unix servers, select a Week, Day, or Slot.

How do I request that my server not be patched? If you do not want your server to be patched, you must send a notification at least 2 days prior to the scheduled patch. Send e-mail to

How do I change the area manager for a server? Only one area manager can be assigned to a server. To change the area manager for a server, send e-mail to


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