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Overview: Create an E-list (Lyris)

This article summarizes the steps for creating a new e-list.

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Any member of the Cornell community -- whether faculty, staff, alumnus, or student -- may establish an e-list, as long as it supports instruction, research, outreach, administration, or other recognized university activities. There is no charge for creating a CIT-hosted e-list or using the CIT list service. (Some units also host lists locally. Contact your local technical support provider.)

Each list must have one "Primary Owner" who bears ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the operation of the list. The primary owner may arrange to share or delegate list owner duties to additional list administrators. This guide is intended for that Primary Owner.

The next few (okay, the next six) articles will step you through the process.

  1. Meet the Criteria for E-list Creation
  2. Decide on Configuration Options
  3. Fill Out the Online Request Form
  4. Set Your Administrative Password
  5. Announce Your List
  6. Maintain Your List

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