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Create an E-list: 1. Meet the Criteria

Email lists at Cornell are called e-lists. The reasons they can be requested, what they can be used for, and who can create them are restricted.

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

CIT restricts the creation of new e-lists to the following groups and purposes:

  • Cornell work-related activity, such as class instruction, research, outreach, and administration
  • Student clubs and organizations registered with the Student Activities office
  • Alumni groups, for activities related to Cornell alumni affairs

Other Cornell-related requests not matching these categories will be considered on an individual basis.

Any student-requested list requires the approval of a Cornell faculty or staff member. Any alumni-requested list requires the approval of the Office of Alumni Affairs.

List owners must have a legitimate Cornell NetID.

What to do if your idea for an e-list doesn't seem to meet these criteria? There are many other places you can host an e-list, Google and Yahoo, for example.

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