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EZ-Backup Discount: >100 GB Static Data

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

Individual systems storing more than 100 GB of extra, very static storage (storage beyond the 50 GB of storage included in the monthly fee) are eligible for a Static Storage Discount. This discount is intended for long-term backup of reference data that almost never changes.

A single system having more than 100 GB of very static EZ-Backup extra storage will be charged at a reduced rate of $0.01/GB for extra storage in excess of 100 GB (see the Rate Schedule).

Qualifications for Static Storage Discount

  1. All data associated with the EZ-Backup nodename must be very static in nature. The intent is that virtually all data being backed up will remain unchanged (and undeleted) for months at a time (for example, archival databases). At the present time, this will be determined via an interview process. In the future, this may be determined statistically, using EZ-Backup accounting records.
  2. The system must have more than 150 GB of data stored on the EZ-Backup server (that is, the 50 GB of storage included in the monthly fee, plus more than 100 GB of extra storage). Only data storage in excess of 150 GB is given this discounted rate.
  3. The following backup scheme will be used:
    • Daily:
      An EZ-Backup incremental-by-date backup will be run each day. This type of backup will back up any new or changed files since the previous backup, but will not detect files that have been deleted. This type of backup requires fewer resources to perform than a normal incremental backup, but is very suitable for large amounts of static data.
    • Monthly:
      A normal EZ-Backup incremental backup will be run once per month. This backup will detect deleted files, as well as backing up any new or changed files.

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