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Remote backup/archive/restore service

EZ-Backup is a fee-based, automated remote backup/archive/storage service that will automatically back up your computer or server files, and allow you to restore them yourself.

EZ-Backup is available for Cornell faculty and staff.

EZ-Backup currently backs up approximately 600 computers and servers for departments across campus, as well as Cornell's server farm in Rhodes Hall, home to critical university data.

The EZ-Backup storage platform uses IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager), which runs on Windows, Mac, UNIX, and other operating systems. Storage is handled by automated tape robots in a highly secure, environmentally controlled location. Access to stored files is password-protected, using a Kerberos-like two-way authentication process.

You choose what time to back up, how often, which files to include and exclude, and how many versions of files to store. EZ-Backup also offers archiving. You can retrieve files any time, day or night.

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