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EZ-Backup Discount: Extra Storage

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

The base rate ($5.50/month) applies to the first 35 GB of storage. There is a reduced rate for the next 15 GB of "extra" storage. For storage above this total (35 GB base plus 15 GB extra) an even lower rate is charged. A collection of systems within a department may also qualify for these discounts.

Discounts for Individual systems

A single system having more than 35 GB (the amount included in the base rate) will be charged at a reduced rate of $0.03/GB for the next 15 GB.

A single system having more than 50 GB (the amount included in the base plus the extra rate) will be charged at a further reduced rate of $0.02/GB for the amount above 50 GB.

Department discount

Departments having multiple systems that meet the qualifications described below will receive 35 GB per system included in the base rate, but all storage above 35 GB on each system will be aggregated. Only 15 GB for the department as a whole (rather than 15 GB per system) will be charged the Extra Storage Rate of $0.03/GB; in effect, the lowest rate ($0.02/GB for storage above the first "extra" 15 GB) will apply much sooner.

Qualifications for Aggregating Usage within a Department

  1. All qualifying systems must be charged to the same department.
  2. All qualifying systems must have the same Technical Contact support person (or persons).
  3. The Technical Contact support person(s) must meet with CIT EZ-Backup Support Staff to:
    1. Review the department's backup requirements.
    2. Define a unique "Policy Domain" and a set of "Management Classes" for the department to use that will meet the department's backup requirements.
    3. Receive training on installation, use, and support of the EZ-Backup software. Refresher training may be offered when a new version of the software becomes available.
  4. The department's Technical Contact support person(s) will be the primary point of support for EZ-Backup users within that department. The CIT EZ-Backup Support Staff will provide support to the departmental support personnel.
  5. This discount is not automatic for departments, and must be applied for.

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