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EZ-Backup Discount: >50 Nodes per Department

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

If a department has over 50 nodes registered for EZ-Backup, each node, beginning with the 51st, is charged at a reduced monthly base fee.

Departments having more than 50 nodes, which meet the qualifications below, are charged at a reduced monthly base fee of $3.50 per node, starting with the 51st and subsequent nodes (see the Rate Schedule).

Qualifications for >50 Nodes per Department Discount

  1. All qualifying systems must be charged to the same department.
    The department is determined from the first 3 characters of the university account number.
  2. All qualifying systems must have the same Technical Contact support person (or persons).
  3. The department's Technical Contact support person(s) will be the primary point of support for EZ-Backup users within that department. The CIT EZ-Backup Support Staff will provide support to the departmental support personnel.

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