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Limited access to Cornell services

Cornell GuestIDs provide individuals with access to certain services that use central authentication.

GuestIDs grant the lowest level of access, and should be used instead of Sponsored NetIDs whenever possible. Check with your local technical support to determine if a GuestID will suffice.

The system used to manage GuestIDs includes:

  • Provisioning: creating and distributing GuestIDs.
  • Profile Management: allowing guests to change the information associated with their GuestID, such as name, email address, and password.
  • Authentication: identifying the guest who is using a GuestID when accessing a service.
  • Authorization: granting permission to a GuestID to access a service.
  • Reporting: compiling information and statistics on GuestIDs and their associated authorizations.
  • Auditing: reviewing what transactions have taken place on the GuestID System.

Service Details

Regulated Data:

Not applicable or information not available.

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