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Appspace Overview

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

The Appspace Dashboard

Use Appspace's cloud-based dashboard to upload content, create cards and playlists, and publish content from your playlist channels to your digital signs. 

Uploading and Organizing Content

The Appspace Library lets you organize your content—uploaded images, cards, and other media—into folders within your unit. You can also share your folders and content with other units.

Creating Cards

While you can create your own content and upload it to Appspace, you can also use Cards. Cards are templates that allow you quickly to assemble your text, images, and other media into content that can be added to a playlist. 

Creating Basic Channels

Use basic channels to assemble full-screen playlists of content to be displayed on your digital signs.

Advanced Channels

Appspace also lets you design more complex layouts in advanced channels. These channel can display several types of content onscreen together—for example, slideshow content, branding graphics, and "widgets" that can include time or temperature information, text tickers, or other custom elements.

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