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Frequently Asked Questions about CUView

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

How do I submit an order?

Complete an online Request for Service form. For more information please see the Support page.

How do I report an issue?

To report an issue with your CUView Service, submit a trouble ticket by filling out the Request for Service form. Before you submit a trouble ticket, please see the Troubleshooting page.

How much will it cost to install CUView Service at my location?

The cost of equipment and installation varies greatly based upon the functionality you are requesting and physical infrastructure of the building. Please see the Fees and Billing page for a high-level cost estimate.

If I subscribe to CUView, can I create local content?

Any unit participating in the central service can generate their own local content.  The central content only overrides the local content in the rare event of a campus emergency or in selected University events.

How do I get central content?

Once you become a CUView member, you will automatically be subscribed to the Digital Well tool that allows you to find central content for your playlists.  If you are not a member of CUView and would like your content shared, please send an email to for assistance.

Who maintains the channel player?

CIT is responsible for all aspects of channel player maintenance, including but not limited to patching the operating system, installing and maintaining Symantec Endpoint Protection, and other critical patches.

How do I make my content available to others?

Sharing bulletins can be done by using the Digital Well tool.  After you log in, upload your bulletin and tag it as CUView.

How do I display supplemental video feeds?

Supplemental video feeds such as DirecTV, DVD players, or cable TV will require changes to your installation.  Please inform CIT of your specific requirements when requesting this service.

Can I use my department owned and maintained network?

CUView is centrally provided service that is supplied over a centrally owned and maintained network.

Can I purchase and use my own channel players with CUView?

No. CIT purchases and implements all CUView digital signage players on the campus digital signage system.

If I supply my own LCD monitor that meets the CIT requirements, are there any additional charges for integrating/installing it to the CUView system?

If you provide a monitor (not a TV), there are additional costs to set it up and connect it as it is an unknown product. CIT will not provide ongoing coordination of repairs to the monitor (and/or its accessories) or follow-up service including coordinating manufacturer warranty service.  Also, CIT does not support any equipment used for CUView that does not meet minimum specifications. Costs to repair or replace any unauthorized equipment, or damages to other CUView equipment as a result of the use of unauthorized equipment, are the responsibility of the customer.

Use of a TV or non-commercial monitor is not preferred for the following reasons: a TV or non-commercial grade monitor is not designed to be on 24/7 so it would not necessarily be dependable. If a non-commercial grade monitor is used for commercial purposes, the monitor’s warranty could be voided. The standard CUView system monitor is designed for this purpose and is intended to provide 24/7 service.

Why am I being billed for requesting an estimate for a CUView installation?

Due to the nature of the CUView service, an estimate for installation can only be provided by producing a complete design customized to your specific needs and physical location in the building.  An infrastructure engineer will perform a site visit, create a design, and include an estimate for required Shops work. The cost associated with this effort is billed to the customer.

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