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CUView Digital Signs

Cornell Visix Wall Digital Sign

Custom Digital Signs

Display your department's news or web site on flat panel displays. Use PowerPoint to showcase your images or videos. AxisTV software helps you easily create news or weather tickers, calendars and bulletins.

CUView is a centrally supported digital signage service, which allows departments to display their own local information on flat-panel information screens in locations of their choice.  Digital signs will be used to display official news, information, and instructions during campus emergencies.

Examples of CUView digital signs can be seen in the lobby of Day Hall, MVR, and Olin Library, to name a few locations.

An Integrated Solution

CIT experts will help you build a best-case design to meet your needs. Your communications requirements are documented during the on-site consultation, so that the correct hardware can be selected to fit your needs. All equipment purchases are coordinated by CIT.

CUView hardware, from Audio Video Corporation

  • Flat panel displays: Available in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces. Plans may vary from one display in a central location to a network of signs throughout a building complex.
  • Channel players: Used to route the content from the central server to your display. If all signs should display the same content at the same time, only a single channel player is needed. A different channel player is required for each digital sign that should display unique content.
  • Peripheral devices: Include cables, mounts, video distribution amplifiers, speakers, and other components.

CUView software, AxisTV by Visix

  • Content creation: Content to display on your sign can be created in any application that allows you to save your file in an approved format.
  • Web interface: You can create, upload, approve, manage, and schedule your content through the AxisTV web interface at
  • Downloadable client (Windows only): A stand-alone client is available for download from the web interface.
CUView is a component of the campus emergency notification system
In scenarios when campus sirens and mass notification systems are activated, CUView displays may broadcast information, news, or instructions.

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