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About E-list Administrative Passwords (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

With Lyris, a password is associated with an email address (representing a list administrator), so, for example, each administrator for CU-fengshui-L has his or her own password.

There is no unified password for the list.

You don't share your password with anyone, including other administrators.

When signing in to the web interface (or logging in through an email command), you'll use your email address (which is how Lyris identifies members and administrators) and the password you've chosen.

Very very important: an email address can only have one password, so if you choose to change your e-list password, be aware that you are changing it for all lists that you administer from that email address.

If you choose to change your password, the change does not affect anyone else; other administrators' passwords will continue to work for them.

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