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User Experience

A few users have reported finding their LastPass vault apparently empty after they log into LastPass through their browser, click the LastPass icon in the toolbar, select Open my Vault .

Fixing the Problem

The good news is,...Read more

Your Cornell LastPass Enterprise account includes a feature called Shared Folders, which you can use to share authentication information with other people at Cornell. For example, if everyone in your department shares access to an external site through a single password, one person can maintain...Read more

User Experience

Many Cornell services are accessed by logging in with your NetID and password. But other services (Lyris E-list manager, Bomgar, etc.) have their own password systems. LastPass sometimes thinks that if the URL includes "," that every password you enter should...Read more

Clutter was an Office 365 feature that attempted to learn which types of messages you considered most important, putting the less important ones in a "Clutter" folder.

Microsoft has since replaced this feature with Focused Inbox, but if you had Clutter turned on when the transition...Read more

Skype for Mac comes closer to achieving parity with its predecessor (Lync), but still does not have all the features of Skype for Business for Windows. We've listed the significant differences below. You may want to look at our...Read more