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What's a Zoom Meeting? What's a Zoom Webinar?

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A meeting is a Zoom event where one person is the host and all other participants have equal footing. The host can share hosting responsibilities with other participants. Any participant can share their screen. A basic meeting can have up to 300 participants, and a Large Meeting option for up to 500 participants is available.

A webinar is a more controlled environment. While there is no minimum size for a webinar, more people can attend (limits depend on your license). You can designate some participants as "panelists." The rest of the webinar participants can join in activities such as live polling and Q&A, but cannot share video or be seen in Gallery view, and can only share their audio when un-muted by the host. Also, webinars do not include breakout rooms.

Wondering what your Cornell Zoom license allows? Log into your Cornell Zoom account, click Profile, then scroll down to Account to see whether you have a Meeting or Webinar license and how many participants you may include. (Those with Webinar licenses can also create meetings.)

For complete details on the differences between meetings and webinars, visit Meeting and webinar comparison on the Zoom website.

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