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Who Is Eligible for a Cornell Zoom Account?

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Eligible Roles

Employees and students can create Cornell Zoom accounts. In some cases, the features available vary depending on the user’s role at the university.

  • Faculty, staff, and affiliates with Cornell accounts can use all of the Zoom features available through Cornell. By default, all Cornell Zoom licenses limit users to hosting Zoom meetings with up to 300 participants. Eligible users with a need to host webinars, meetings with larger participant capacity, or meetings providing toll-free participant calling can Request Large Meeting, Webinar, or Premium Audio.
  • Students can create Cornell Zoom accounts too, but are not generally eligible for Premium Audio or Webinar license upgrades or able to create Cloud Recordings.

Alumni and Retirees are not eligible for Cornell Zoom licenses, but can join meetings and webinars using personal accounts registered with their Cornell email address.

Summary: Features Available with Cornell Zoom Account Types

Feature Faculty and Staff Students
Customized personal Meeting ID and link Yes Yes
Can Create Zoom cloud recordings Yes No *
Can be made an alternative host Yes Yes
Can assign others to schedule and schedule on behalf of them Yes Yes
Can request license for large meeting, webinar, or premium audio Yes No **
Maximum meeting size, participants 300 300

* Graduate students have Zoom cloud recording capabilities. Undergraduates who are TAs may request Cloud Recording access if referred by faculty.

** Students may request a license for hosting a meeting of up to 500 participants, but not one for webinar or premium audio.


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