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Zoom Chromebook Support

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In August 2022, Zoom ended support for their Chrome OS Zoom app, and as of February 2023 the app is no longer available. Read below for information on the replacement app.

Use Zoom on a Chromebook Device

Zoom offers a new Chrome app to support Zoom meetings and webinars.

If you would like to continue using Zoom on a Chromebook device, you can now install the Zoom Progressive Web Application (PWA). This is a web-based client designed to provide an app-like experience, but with better performance and more options than a typical app.

The Zoom PWA provides many of the features available in the Windows or Mac desktop clients, including screen sharing, support for live interpreters, polling, breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds and blur, Chat, a 25-participant Gallery view, and the Zoom Whiteboard.

For details, see How to use Zoom on a Chromebook with our progressive web app (PWA) on the Zoom website.

Get the Zoom PWA for Chromebooks

The Zoom PWA is available through the Google Play store. Follow that link if you're using a Chromebook. Or, when signed into the Google Play store, find it by searching “Zoom PWA” or “Zoom for Chrome PWA.”

Before using the Zoom PWA, be sure your Chromebook’s OS and Chrome browser are updated to the most recent versions. For details, visit Update your Chromebook’s operating system or How to Update Your Chrome Browser.

(Generally, if your Chrome browser needs to be updated, a yellow “Update” prompt will appear at the upper right next to your profile picture – click the update button to get the latest version.)

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