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Activate Zoom Account

This article describes how to activate your Zoom account, which you will need to do once before you can run a meeting or webinar. Using a Zoom account also means you will be recognized as a Cornell user and not be treated as a "guest" in meetings and webinars.

This article applies to: Zoom

To activate your Cornell Zoom account:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click Login at the top right of the Cornell Zoom webpage.
  3. Sign in with your Cornell NetID and password and authenticate with Two-Step Login if prompted.
  4. Zoom will confirm your Cornell NetID email address. If correct, click Confirm your email address.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your Cornell email account. Go to your email Inbox and open the message from Zoom with the Subject line, "Please activate your Zoom account."
  6. In the confirmation email, click the Activate Account button or paste the long browser link into the Address bar of your browser.
  7. On Zoom's Activate Your Account webpage, click Sign in With SSO. If prompted, sign in again and authenticate.
  8. Your Zoom account will be activated, and you'll be taken to your Zoom Profile page.

Once your account is activated, you may wish to customize your Zoom Profile page. For example, choose a photo of you to display when you join a meeting and aren't able to use video.


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