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The free desktop version allows you to combine multiple data sources (both local and remote) into complex dashboards, to massage the data tables, and to publish snapshots of the data models for access by others.

The for-fee, web-based Pro version allows you to create simpler models...Read more


When you attempt to download the Pro version of Power BI from Microsoft's site, after entering your Cornell email address, you see this error message:

We can't finish signing you up.
Your IT department has turned...Read more

User Experience

When adding a exchange account on your iOS device, you see the following warning:


The native iOS apps for Calendar and Mail use the Microsoft Active Sync Protocol for communications, which includes the capability to lock or wipe a phone...Read more

Note : the links to documents and webpages on this page are password-protected. If you think you should have access, contact .

Cornell's AV Standards are a set...Read more

You will need to provide a spreadsheet listing the names and NetIDs of users who will need access. Please prepare this before filling in the request form. You can change this information later as needed. Power BI Pro is supported primarily by Microsoft...Read more