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Technologies Unsuitable for the Campus Network

This article applies to: Computer Recommendations

Some otherwise useful technologies don't function well in our residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative offices. With many people in close proximity, these devices tend to interfere with one another. We ask that you do not use any of the following on the campus network.

Wireless Printers

To be more accurate, we ask that you do not use your printer in wireless mode. Most wireless printers can also be used with a wired connection to your computer. That's okay. But wireless operation leads to interference and the likelihood that your document will print on the wrong printer, and your printer will be printing other peoples' documents.

Wireless Access Points

These devices are intended to extend the range of a wireless network, but again, in the campus environment, they cause major interference and actually degrade the signals for you and for everyone around you. For students, you also run the risk of incurring NUBB charges if other people connect through your device, either accidentally or intentionally.


Femtocells are intended for use in a home or small business to improve cell phone coverage. When using in densely populated setting—like a residence halls or academic offices—they cause numerous problems.

Cordless Phones

Cell phones are fine. Cordless phones (cordless handsets with base stations attached to a landline) are not okay. They interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

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