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View Resource Accounts in Outlook for Windows

This set of steps will let you see the mailbox and calendar for a Resource Account (Exchange Group Account, Room account, or Equipment account) in your own Outlook account.

This article applies to: Outlook for Windows , Resource Accounts

This procedure assumes you are already using Outlook to access your NetID email account.

If you are not using Outlook for your NetID email account, do not follow the instructions here. Instead, skip down the the section at the bottom of this page labeled If You Are Not Using Outlook for your NetID Account.

  1. In Outlook, click the File tab.
  2. Click Add Account near the top of the screen. An Add Account dialog box will open.
  3. For E-mail Address, enter the email address for your Resource Account, including For example, Leave the other fields blank (Your Name, Password, and Retype Password).
  4. Click Connect. A Cornell-branded authentication dialog box will open with the resource account's email address displayed.
  5. Change the email address to your own NetID-based email address and the password you use with your account.  This is where users most frequently make a mistake. Be sure to change this address. 
  6. Click Sign in.
  7. Wait (usually just a moment) while Outlook configures the account. When it's finished, you'll see Account successfully added. Click Done.
  8. If you have more resource accounts to add, click Add another account and repeat steps 3 - 7.
  9. Click Finish when done.
  10. Quit Outlook. Even though you may already see the resource account's mailbox listed after your mail folders, don't be fooled. You must quit and restart before things will work properly. Trust us.
  11. Restart Outlook.

When starting Outlook, if you are prompted for authentication for the Resource Account, enter your own address for User name and use your NetID password.

For all accounts (both your NetID mail and every Resource Account), you must use your address for the User name, and the password you use with your NetID. You cannot just enter your NetID. It must be the email address associated with your NetID.

If You Are Not Using Outlook for Your NetID Account

The procedure above assumes you are already using Outlook (in Exchange mode) to access your NetID mail account.

If you are not using Outlook for your NetID email account, do not follow the instructions here. Instead, complete the steps in our Initial Setup for Outlook article, with this one change:

In step 6, for E-mail address, use the Resource Account's email address. If the account has more than one address, you can use any of them.

For all other steps, where it asks for your User name, enter your address. Where it asks for a password, use the password for your NetID.


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