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Microsoft Power BI

This article applies to: Office 365 Productivity Bundle

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that focuses on creating visual representation of data. MS Power BI developers create workbooks that contain a data model and one or more visualizations of data. MS Power BI users generally identify and build a data set for the visualization they want to create. This data set is often an extract(s) from a datamart or transactional system. The data set is often imbedded in the MS Power BI workbook for better performance. MS Power BI desktop can connect directly to databases or other data sources and process data on the fly. 

A desktop version of Power BI is available to anyone free, directly from Microsoft. Microsoft updates the tool frequently. Support is provided by Microsoft, not through the Cornell IT Service Desk. Note: if, while working with the desktop version, you get an error telling you to contact your administrator, it means you've tried to use a feature that requires the web version, see below.

Power BI Pro is a web version available to campus organizations through Cornell's Office 365 deployment. There is a cost to the requesting organization for this deployment. The web versions will be supported primarily by Microsoft's help resources, although the IT Service Desk will make a best effort attempt to assist users. See our Request Power BI article for more information.

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