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Microsoft Power BI Version Comparison

This article applies to: Office 365 Productivity Bundle

The free desktop version allows you to combine multiple data sources (both local and remote) into complex dashboards, to massage the data tables, and to publish snapshots of the data models for access by others.

The for-fee, web-based Pro version allows you to create simpler models from local data sources, and to assign group permissions to models created in the desktop version.

Power BI Desktop

Office 365 Power BI Pro

Primarily for data model authors/developers.

Primarily for data model consumers.



Request a free license from the IT Service Desk, then download the installer.

Download through Office 365 after receiving license. See our Request Power BI Pro article.

Windows only

Windows and Mac, browser-based

Create and view dashboards, data models, and visualizations.

Create simple dashboards and data models.

View published dashboards, data models, and visualizations.

View data in real-time or as snapshot.

View data as snapshot.

Massage data tables: assemble in an Excel-like interface, then edit, structure, etc. as desired.

Access remote and local data sources.

Access local data sources only.

Publish snapshot of data models for others to access.

Grant permissions to view published data models to established groups.

Integrates with other Microsoft solution in Office 365, such as Sharepoint.

Support via Microsoft resources.

Support primarily via Microsoft resources, with IT Service Desk “best effort” support.

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