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Request Power BI Pro

This article applies to: Office 365 Productivity Bundle

You will need to provide a spreadsheet listing the names and NetIDs of users who will need access. Please prepare this before filling in the request form. You can change this information later as needed.

To request Microsoft Power BI Pro for your unit or department, please fill out the Service Request Form.

  1. For Type of request, select New.
  2. For Affiliation, select Faculty/Staff.
  3. For Product, select Microsoft Power BI.
  4. Enter the number of users who will need access.
  5. Near the bottom of the form, click Attach a file to this request, then attach the spreadsheet of user names and NetIDs that you have prepared.
  6. Select whether you will be sharing data models with a group.
    • If Yes,
      1. Provide a brief description of how the group will use the data.
      2. From the dropdown lists, select your Organization and Department.
      3. Enter the name and NetID of the person overseeing the Power BI group (for maintaining an accurate list of users, etc.)
    • If No, provide a brief description of what your request is for and who will use the data.
  7. Click Submit Request.

There is an individual user license cost to the requesting organization for this service which must be paid up front by university credit card (P Card). You will be contacted by CIT support staff to further discuss your needs and to determine the cost of the service.

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