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Academic Websites (Static)

Web hosting for academic purposes

Academic Technologies provides web server space for deploying static HTML-based web pages. Static websites are hosted on a shared Linux platform and are served using the Apache web server. By default, the service provides a UNIX shell account accessible via SSH and SFTP and a limited amount of disk space. Websites may use HTML, Javascript, cascading style sheets (CSS), and server-side includes (SSI).

No CGI or other programming capabilities are available. If you need those or other programming capabilities, the Academic Technologies dynamic hosting service is a better fit.

Academic Technologies offers web hosting space for the purpose of course instruction and coursework for Cornell courses. This service is provided for course-related work by faculty, instructional staff, and students in active university courses. Two hosting options are available from Academic Technologies: static and dynamic. 

The static hosting package includes:

  • Access to the static (courses) server through a UNIX shell account via SSH.
  • File transfer access via secure FTP (SFTP).
  • A web environment with 1 GB of disk space (more available upon request).
  • 12 hours of support in using the static hosting environment.
  • Daily backups.
  • Regular system updates to meet university security standards.

Service Details

Academic Technologies offers web hosting services for academic purposes. Services are provided for course-related use by faculty, instructional staff, and students with a faculty sponsor.



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Regulated Data:

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