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Old vs. New Outlook

Please note this page is restricted. It is only available to IT professionals.

The Outlook desktop application is in the process of being updated to a "New" version. Details about this change can be found in the Microsoft announcement.

Some users find, after software updates, their Outlook is switched over from Old to New, and certain functions are significantly changed or suddenly unavailable. Until the New Outlook is complete and released to all users, we recommend reverting to the Old Outlook whenever there is a loss in functionality.

We do not recommend manually switching to the New Outlook. The New Outlook view is a test environment which lacks significant functionality. However, if reverting to the Old view is not possible, Microsoft has provided tips for Getting Started with the New Outlook for Windows.

To see which features are planned, or are in the process of rolling out, and what phase they are in, Microsoft has provided a feature roadmap tool.


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