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Test Your Site During Media3 Site Migration

A quality control (QC) checklist for testing a website during migration to Media3 Managed Web Hosting. Instructions for both technical and functional end-users.

This article applies to: Media3 Managed Web Hosting

As the subject matter expert for your website, please use the following guidelines to assist in the testing process. Unit testers, if applicable, please share additional appropriate information and guidelines below with your functional testers.

Dev/Unit Testing QC List

Make sure you test all of these items. We strongly recommend you use the new tools at the Media3 Dashboard, along with this checklist, for your testing.
  • Confirm that site loads with temporary URL (or IP address, if applicable).
  • Confirm that default index page loads (index.html, index.htm, index.cfm, etc.).
  • Confirm username and password server login (RDP/SFTP/SSH/WebDAV).
  • Confirm that username and password allow CF Admin login, if applicable.
  • Confirm that username and password allow cPanel/Plesk/SmarterMail login, if applicable.
  • Confirm individual admin panels, if applicable (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). 
  • Confirm phpMyAdmin access (such as MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.) where applicable.
  • Confirm open/closed ports on mail servers (25,587,110, etc.).
  • Confirm any additional MIME types required.
  • Confirm default mail gateway settings in CF Admin.
  • Confirm any required redirects.
  • Confirm that you are able to successfully upload files.
  • Confirm database connections for any database-driven areas.
  • Confirm that error pages (404, 501, 503) show as intended.
  • Check reverse DNS, if applicable (i.e. mail servers).
  • Confirm that any required logging is turned on and functional.
  • Confirm any other specific .htaccess functionality.
  • Check for and test any areas of the site that may write to the disk or TMP files. Confirm permissions.
  • Confirm that email functions as expected and correctly, including attachments, if applicable.
  • Test in multiple browsers, especially for secure sites.  
If your secure site has code, including images or scripts which lack the “https” designation, Chrome will show the site as not secure, but may still let the user into the site.

Sample Message to Functional Testers

The message to functional testers must include the "Using CU Test Browser" attachment and corresponding Username, Password, and Migration ID information from Media3's onboarding message to unit testers.

Dear [Functional Tester],

As part of the Cornell Web Hosting Migration Project, Media3 has completed the migration of your site(s) from Managed Web Hosting (Cornell Hosting Stack) to their new temporary test location. Unit testing is now complete. At this point, you may begin functional testing in preparation for a final move to production.

If possible, testing within the week would be beneficial. As you coordinate testing, please let me know your timeline. You can review Cornell's testing guidelines to assist in the process.

Please see attached "Using CU Test Browser" document for instructions. Enter the information below when prompted. 

Note: NetID below is the Unit Tester's NetID, not the Functional Tester's NetID.

Username: ixcloud\guest-[netid
Password: [XXXXXX] 

MigrationID: [NNNNN-NNNNN]

If you have any questions, please contact [Unit Tester] at [Unit Tester contact info].

Thank you,
[Unit Tester]

End User/Functional Testing QC List

Make sure you test all of these items. We recommend using this as a checklist for your testing.
  • Confirm that graphics and CSS load correctly. (Test with multiple browsers on multiple platforms.)
  • Confirm overall site navigation. (Include the homepage and any other pages that require user interaction with content.)
  • Confirm that videos stream correctly, if applicable.
  • Confirm that PDFs and other documents download or display, if applicable.
  • Check links throughout site, especially any membership or password-protected areas. Confirm security of the content, if applicable.
  • Confirm functionality of other site-specific features, including workflow.
  • Confirm that forms work as expected and correctly send email, including attachments, if applicable.

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